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You want to go the distance, now set sail

You want to go the distance, now set sail




Taiwan's well-known host Kevin Tsai wrote this passage: fifteen think swimming is difficult to give up swimming, to eighteen encounter a person you like about you go swimming, you have to say "I will not." Eighteen think English is difficult to give up English, twenty-eight but will be a great work of English, you have to say "I will not." Early life more troublesome, the more bother to learn, and later more likely to miss the people and things make you tempted to miss the new landscape. 

Life, many people have their own dreams, but if you tried to do your dreams? Dream swear a hundred times, not as reality action step, in reality, those who can achieve excellent results, which is not a step in the efforts to further their dreams? 

Life you can find a lot of people always like to talk about the failure of the ideal, ambitious. Especially when participating in the size of the party, three drinks later, almost everyone started to plan a great change. This says to quit the share of work mixed with food to die, to join the cause of true love; that is ready to go boss, banged the table requires promotion and pay rise, as long as they do not agree to immediately lift tables leave …… 

However, after over time, you will find that these people have not the slightest change in the rhetoric of those before, but it was a half awake spiritual climax. 

This is a generous in talking about the ideal age, everyone seems to have a bunch of urgent goal to achieve, but the "ideal" and "ideal" between, always separated by a silent monk. This fact is too easy to speak, but the work has never been immune, its heroes to be verbal, it is better to go quietly to the first step. 

Life is a very real thing, if you do not act, your goals can never be achieved. Whether your mouth drawn over how brilliant, can only be a self pleasure, but it does not make you really win. After all, by mouth, is never ideal, only feet to continue to extend our road. 

In fact, think about it, really hard to achieve over it? You want to go the distance, now began to set sail, on hand to do a little bit every day, one day you will find that your stick is leading you toward your longing for distant forward. 

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