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Winning just 1.5 seconds

Winning just 1.5 seconds




How long 1.5 seconds? That is, eyes closed eyes opened in time. 1.5 seconds can provoke anything wrong? It almost destroyed the company. 

Procter & Gamble is a company specializing in consumer products of large companies, Tide detergent a launch by consumers. 

However, from the third year, sales began to decline Tide detergent. P & G sales department baffled To find out as soon as possible, they want a lot of ways, including supermarkets random survey, open forums and networks of secret ballot. 

However, I did not expect Procter & Gamble to help find the cause was actually a consumer complaining. In a random survey in the course of a supermarket, a middle-aged woman said:. "Tide detergent effect is very good, but each detergent and pour so much, it is not worth" 

Soon, Internet voting in more than a "laundry amount" option. Results less than a month, the number of votes accounted for 70% of all voting items. They quickly find out Tide detergent advertising films, playing field, after repeated comparison, we finally realized that the original is the ad blame. Products pour detergent a total time of 3 seconds, while other brands of washing powder is only 1.5 seconds! This is 1.5 seconds, giving the feeling of difference is the relatively large amount of Tide detergent! 

P & G's advertising department to respond quickly to the advertising film pour washing powder to reduce the time and in subsequent bag factory prompted a prominent position on the consumer: the least amount of Tide detergent, the best results. 

Soon, Tide detergent sales began to pick up again a year later, return to sales detergent hydrants. 

This incident gave P & G a great revelation: companies must do everything possible to keep an eye inappropriate detail, even 1.5 seconds this mistake can not let go, because winning is likely to lie in 1.5 seconds! 

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