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Who is not injured side, while growth

Who is not injured side, while growth


★ inspirational world – angry is another mistake to punish oneself. ★

After graduation cousin, well into a favorite company, and through their own efforts, quickly adapt to the fast-paced work. She said relatives and friends more than once, with her good performance, certainly easily over the trial period. However, three months later, his cousin sadly out of that company. Trial actually did too!

Everyone is quite puzzling to cousin diligence, supposedly over a trial period is not a problem ah, how to become a problem then? Under questioning everyone, cousin angrily said: “Do not mention it, think of the workplace, the villain so much!”

Originally, another cousin and colleagues recruited, and their candidates can only leave a job. Cousin always believed that anyone who wins and strong, did not expect the other side to make the plate move outside to the cousin of the responsible things up and then refused to admit that he intervene, and that leadership ability cousin of doubt.

The fall does not light somersault. I asked the cousin, after going to how to do? Cousin wipe tears, Yang said with a straight face: “how can I do to continue looking for work chant.” “I mean, after going to how to deal with colleagues’ cousin lengleleng, then smiles:”? Anyway, I learned to trap others tricks no, also bothered to learn, I still believe in the workplace with the strength to speak, but not harm the heart there, defenses can not do without, then, I will certainly be long in mind, do not let a similar thing happened. ”

I sigh, fortunately she did not say: “workplace like this, there will be less able than scheming to play, I would do anything Host!” In that case, she took a detour.

One classmate, friends especially generous attempts, whenever friends have desires, but also help the knife down the mountain flames. Because of this character, particularly his friends and relations are iron.

He is to do web design, often design their own programs tell friends, listen, seek the advice of friends, and even after the design is complete, but also take the initiative to ask a friend to look over. One day, he suddenly found that one of them has quietly used his design, he kept recruit Hu did not play. He called to ask the other side to see his number immediately pressed out.
It makes the students particularly sad. In fact, his character, if a friend asked him to help design a plan, he would have readily agreed, and do not charge a penny. But this friend of practice, it makes very scared, simply stabbed with a knife behind the effect is the same.

Call childhood classmates talk about it, I asked him: “In the future also believe friends?” He startled by startled, then said: “Of course, I still anything for his friend, after all, my friends, most of them are very nice to me. just then, I would not put anyone as a friend, that is not worth what the person, I will not waste time on them. ”
I was a stone off the ground, fortunately he did not say: “I do not believe anyone, even friends, I will carefully guard against.” In that case, the more Leia!

I remember twenty years old, talked about a love die a natural death. I have a crush on a boy, one day said to me: “my girlfriend.” At that time, I did not investigate why. Teenage girls are always on their own gratuitous self-confidence, believe they have the potential to become a Cinderella, also believe that their thin figure to attract everyone’s love.

I was immersed in the beauty of love dreams, but how did not expect, just three months, everything changed appearance. He went to another city, and will soon have a new girlfriend. This time, I finally know ask why. He said: “I have always regarded you as a sister, that time lonely, just think of your love.”

I had only one thought, he is the fan a few slap in the face, then kick down, but in the end I did not, I just quietly turned and, since then, no contact.

Yes, my first love is not a good man. The strange thing is, when understood this when I suddenly cherish the loved ones around, cherish everything around. At the same time he was determined, I will looking for a boyfriend, she must be a person of good character end, and will never again have any misbehavior entangled.

Now looking back, I was suddenly very grateful for themselves. Fortunately, I did not say: “not a good man, I no longer believe in love!” In that case, how can I meet current partner?

Each person’s life, will be subject to numerous injuries, from relatives, from friends, from love, from colleagues, from strangers. Damage is inevitable, but we can choose what attitude to face the damage.
Someone received a number of injuries, will be disheartened, they lost the trust of the world, twisted his soul so that they follow those evil cahoots. And after some people, those who hurt, become stronger, more open-minded, life still maintains the same enthusiasm.

Every injury, is a growth. Life, everyone has the opportunity to grow many times, but, some people more and more sophisticated, more and more indifferent some people, some people are more and more sinister. They were hurt underfoot, into a completely different self.
Real growth, that no matter how many times hurt, you still keep the beginning of the heart, still enthusiastic about life, still believe what you believe, and in high school to benefit from a lifetime of hurt things. Only in this way, only worthwhile themselves suffered those injuries.

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