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PU building materials---- leader of building materials

PU building materials—- leader of building materials


Polyurethane (PU) is currently the most popular in Europe and America’s new high-end architectural decoration materials. It consists of a polyol and a diisocyanate, or a polyisocyanate reaction in case of a suitable catalyst and additives from. Because, you need to simply modify the recipe, you can obtain the physical properties of different density, elasticity, rigidity and the like. At present, a large number of alternative to glass fiber insulation materials, wood, traditional rubber products.

PU decorative building materials is a new material class, product type are: carved, corner line, waistline, skirting, trunk, decorative flower pieces, wall units, Medallions, Ceiling, Roman, all kinds of sculpture, frame, lamp, door trim and the like. PU Main features: light weight, fire, water, decay, mold, cracking. Construction is simple and convenient for a variety of indoor and outdoor decorative materials.

PU building materials can be nailed, sawed, planed, washable, flexible shape, no cracks, no distortion, no insects, indoor and outdoor can use; easy to install, clear and natural pattern effect, elegant and luxurious; convenient construction: Material lighter, and all the products have been whitewashed paint, can be directly attached, significant savings in labor and paint. Easy to process: sawing, planing, filing, and install almost no waste, and economic environment. Environmental protection: the use of a compound fiber as raw material, reducing deforestation, up to the national renovation projects nontoxic green product standards.

Fireproof: The product is achieved by the National Fire detection B2-class standards, can not fully meet the spontaneous combustion, no combustion of properties; Waterproof: non-absorbent, impermeable, deformation, both mildew. Easy to clean, forever as new. Compared with the conventional plaster and moldings, it has obvious advantages. Light and hard: light weight, hardness, good flexibility and toughness, no cracks, no distortion, no shedding, durable and strong.

Rich surface treatment: The surface treatment technology is mature, rich colors, style, technology for customers to buy. Also can accept custom, random matching colors, styles and techniques, to meet customer requirements. And good color: you can apply a variety of colors and oily water-based paint, to maintain a long time coloring on the surface. Fang Dan, wood, fake metal, vividly.

PU building materials and there are so many advantages, you are still the choice of building materials for the trouble? Xiamen Finehope PU building materials company produces a wide variety of fashionable and fully in accordance your requirement need.

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