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Open up new markets

Open up new markets


It is well known in marketing as a fable:

There were two shoe manufacturing companies who all sent a saleman to open up the market, one named Jackson, the other named the Banjing. On the same day, two of them came to a Pacific island, and the same day they arrived, they found the locals all barefoot, no shoes! From the king to the poor, from the clergy to the lady, none of them wore shoes.

That night, Jackson sent the telegraph to his boss and said, "God, people here in never wear shoes, who will buy shoes? I will go back tomorrow.”

 The same time, Banjing also sent the telegraph to his boss and said," Great, that people do not wear shoes. I decided to move  the house, and stay in here! "

Two years later, all people here wore shoes. . . . . . . . . .


Marketing enlightenment: Many people often complain about it’s difficult to open up new markets, the fact is that new market in front of you, but how to do you to find the market.

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