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Mature in the face of adversity, we wake up in despair!

Mature in the face of adversity, we wake up in despair!


As long as a person willing to mediocrity, even a little idea, in the ideas into reality by way of the process, we will encounter a variety of problems, resistance and trouble. Man-made, the objective existence of and incidental, and you will not feel when I, Yingxiongqiduan frustration, and you will have a dead end, no one to turn embarrassment.

The reason why there is an impasse in life, because you have to break through to challenge. Desperate, do not curse. Learn to control, learn to cherish and understand. Balzac said: straits, is into the body of the genius of the order; the weak bottomless abyss; water baptism of believers; hotshots priceless.

I said, desperate to end your wrong idea, but also the beginning you choose the right approach. You are not desperate fortune, just reduced in Despair. Ancient heroes many trials and hardships. An ordinary person become a hero or a hero in one area of an era, is frustration and suffering dictates, because the difference between peace mortal hero is that the hero behind to seize the opportunity of adversity in the face of adversity, we have created a miracle in Despair. And ordinary people chose to drift in the face of adversity, he chose to give up in despair.

What, they are into are people who are lost. Losers than winners not inherently bad, but in the face of adversity or desperate, more winners than losers adhere to one minute, multi-step way, to think more about a problem. Stones from other hills may serve to polish jade. His sole property, my business division. See other people’s feet, at least we can avoid detours, less or somersault; more of an idea, more than one door.

Remember, one more adversity, you can count on mature; one more desperate, the more opportunity.

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