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Life is really a miracle

Life is really a miracle

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A Lotus grow from the sludge, yet it grow to be pure snow white flowers;

The little tiny black fireflies, can emit light shining like stars in the vast night;

A tiny piece of grass, can flowering so many blue flowers to become flowers’ sea;

A humble little bird, can sing ever better than the best violin serenade;

A soft boneless worms, can actually be able to land in a solid, such as fish swim freely in the sea.

When I was strolling alone the river bank, I notice the standing slim willows, charming and moving. Stroking the trunk, branches, leaves, I'm curious: why they appeared in this world, are they choose the world, or the world choose them ?

Spring comes, all kind of lifes got new just born again. Grass drill out the soil, swallows back from the south, spring over-reign the whole world again. Trees sprouted, shoots growing rapidly upon the top of trees.

Spring breeze blowing through the branches and the tree shook leafless excitingly- they want to reward the Spring.

When in Summer, the trees will cover the sunshine and use its dense leaves obscured soil to give them cool, that the grass could sleep comfortably under the shade.

Autumn flowers withered, grass and leaves turn yellow, even the trees can not resist the strength of time, they all withered. 

In winter, the head of the tree covered with snow, fluffy , they all fall sleep. They are saving powers, ready to shed in the spring, when, once again issued a new born life.

The tree is a miracle! I look at the tree, then look at me, Suddenly I reallized I am also a miracle, too !