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Innovative china cheap building imitation wood, imitation wood outdoor, plastic imitation wood

Innovative china cheap building imitation wood, imitation wood outdoor, plastic imitation wood


PU imitation wood
1.Polyurethane hard foam plastic is high in strength, light in weight and efficient in heat.
2.We produce polyurethane ornaments which look like pure wood, but better than wood on the function.
3.They are very popular in interior decoration presently.
4.Different colors besides white can be painted.
5.They can be used to decorate the house, salon, hotel, club, etc. After decoration, the room would become more plain, natural, elegant and noble.
6. It is an effective way to solve the problem caused by the shortage of good quality wood and the lack of skilled workers. Hence the reduction in furniture cost.

1)Light weight, not easy to broken, superior to Gypsum moldings.
2)It can resist decay, humidity and mildew, but easy to clean.
3)Labor efficient, It can be planed, affixed, nailed easily, and save almost half of the time which is very Suitable for both DIY and construction projects.
4)It can be painted whatever colors as you like.
5)compared with real wood, it is more eco-friendly.
6)customized always available.

Product Detail: Imitate Wood Furniture
Price: FOB USD 2.00~50.00 / Set Get Latest Price
Minimum Order Quantity: 1000 pcs
Supply Ability: 12000 Set/Sets Per Week
Product Series: PU Hard Foam Series
Usage: Furniture Decoration
Other: Customizing Design And Requirements Are Greatly Welcome

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