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For the failure to hold a celebration

For the failure to hold a celebration




ne day in the winter of 1974, Washington State Museum design unveiling ceremony in progress, three big-name designers teamed up with a young man only 20 years old to compete on the same stage, most people think: the concept of young people raised new connotation wide, demonstrating the younger generation of high morale and vitality. The results were announced stunned the crowd forced young people failed to get the final victory, his review group agreed that lack of human design concept, three big-name designers can jointly design concept is representative of the Washington's image. 

At night, the largest city of Washington, a restaurant, a massive celebration is being held to celebrate the success of three big-name designers, is pleased to invite young people in the column, but he did not attend, the shadow of failure hanging over him young heart, he was desperate to be crazy. 

He is an energetic designer, the design hall of fame University of Washington, along the way, so smooth, won many awards. But today's defeat made him lose face in front of everybody, he even thought of suicide. 

The phone rang, the mother's phone, she invited him to a coffee shop that will give him a surprise. He come to the party, he threw his mother's arms and wanted to talk about after the failure of her feelings and difficulties. When he opened the cafe door, he saw his mother dressed at the door waiting for him, there are many hostess, they have come to him on the flowers behind his mother, and instantly there were many familiar faces, relatives, a friend, also has its own design professional teachers. 

For a time he was silent choking, I do not know is happy or sad. 

Mother suddenly said: children today, you hold a celebration of failure, you have ushered in the first defeat of his life, we should congratulate you, learn to face failure to catch up, which is compulsory in life. 

That night, he is undoubtedly the protagonist of the entire celebration, thanks to his mother, with a celebration of this failure is not ashamed to tell myself, not loss of dignity, but life valuable asset. 

The young man called Bob • Rogers founded the company in 1981, BRC, BRC Expo USA Pavilion is a professional design company, which has participated in the 6th Expo USA Pavilion design work, because Bob Rogers • Performance Zhuo, was awarded the Themed Entertainment Association of America lifetime Achievement Award. He served as the 2010 Shanghai World Expo USA Pavilion's chief architect, he tells a great story about creative immortality American entrepreneurship. 

For the failure to hold a celebration, which requires much courage, strength and wisdom ah! 

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