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Ergonomics Height Adjustable sit-stand workstationsStanding Desk Converter

Ergonomics Height Adjustable sit-stand workstationsStanding Desk Converter


Finehope DESK RISER SOLUTIONS – We create affordable ergonomic solutions designed with creativity and quality to help transform your unique workspace! Designed to improve your posture and make typing more comfortable, this standing desk converter can be placed on top of your regular desk to raise your entire workstation.

QUICK TRANSITION – Go from sitting to standing in one easy smooth motion using the innovative simple touch height locking mechanism (adjustable range: bottom resting point at 4.2” and adjusts between 5.9” to 19.7” from tabletop). Design of lifting mechanism allows the desk surface to elevate straight up.

SPACE EFFICIENT – The top surface measures 31.5” x 15.7”, which maximizes space while still providing room for dual monitors. The 11.8” x 31.3” lower deck holds keyboard and mouse side by side. Customize your work area and create the workflow you need.

SIMPLE ASSEMBLY – Very minimal assembly out of the box! Place on your existing desk and start organizing your workstation.

STRONG & STURDY: Designed to hold your entire workstation, this stand up desk converter features gas springs and a heavy-duty aluminum frame that can comfortably support up to 33 lbs.




Finehope DESK RISER解决方案 – 我们创造价格合理的符合人体工程学的解决方案,其设计具有创造性和质量,有助于改变您独特的工旨在改善您的姿势并使打字更舒适,这个站立式桌面转换器可以放在您的常规桌面上,以升高您的整个工作站。

快速转换 – 使用创新的简单触摸高度锁定机制(可调范围:4.2英寸底部静止点,从桌面调整5.9英寸到19.7英寸),从一个轻松平稳的运动中坐下来站立。提升机构的设计允许桌面垂直向上提升。

空间效率 – 顶部表面尺寸为31.5“x 15.7”,最大化空间,同时仍为双显示器提供空间。 11.8“x 31.3”的下层可以并排放置键盘和鼠标。自定义工作区并创建所需的工作流程。

简单的装配 – 开箱即用的装配非常简单!放在现有桌面上,开始组织工作站。


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