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Duplicate Value

Duplicate Value




I remember the 1980's there was a college entrance essay, is a picture of a person to dig wells to find water, a lot of pit dug in the ground, shades, dug in some places almost to the water, but because he tasted no digging down, the result is that he did not find water. 

Until now, this picture gave me impressed, because with the growth of life experience, I came to realize that such a truth: any great things are made very trivial, composed of bits and pieces of things. Things should be made, it is necessary to form a sufficient pressure in one place, and with perseverance to put this thing done very thorough. 

What is perseverance? Simply is repeated. There is a "ten thousand hours rule" that in order to become the master of masters, in a field to become outstanding experts, ten thousand hours is the most basic inputs. Many successful people are like, whether it is Bill Gates •, or play golf Ted • Woods. 

Some younger colleagues complained that duplication of work, boring boring. I personally feel, if you feel that there is no need to repeat, is simple repetition, then you should think of ways to optimize it. But if the repetition is necessary, such as playing the same exercise must be repeated in order to find intuition, then you have to think about how to use your mind, in this repetition necessary on the basis of the formation of value accumulation, lay the foundation for your future. Said heroes gas Shen Dan Tian, a fierce punch, Shitailichen, very powerful book on martial arts. But if you have not needed to train a horse to practice sound, light remember these formulas helpful? Still to no avail. New understanding, new discoveries are constantly repeating obtained. 

Chinese saying goes: Qinnengbuzhuo is good training. "Ground" which will have to repeat the attitudes and repeatable method. My early start time, but also done a lot of repeat business, sometimes tired, back, I think about giving up. For example, when I was younger I want to develop agents day run twenty-three cities, with each repeat customers speaks agency policy, why do agents, finally tired almost collapsed, unable to speak up. I do not want to do, but then I saw China's richest man Zong patiently in the country visited one thousand dealers and agents, repeated over and over again to speak, then moved after dealers and agents, say nothing and then to run to the next city. 

A lot of things are like this, if you stick with it, you might do. Many people only see people successful side, but did not see him as a successful accumulation made. There is a very appropriate analogy seven bread, you eat bread seventh after finally had enough. Others began to study, you eat the seventh bread flour is what to do? Why eat this bread on the full? They do not see in front of you eating six buns, six bread is what I mentioned earlier accumulated to the "ten thousand hours," the. 

There is a book mentioned in a very interesting analogy, saying that companies like a giant flywheel, especially heavy. Each of us to push, about two, the flywheel motionless. But he insisted, teeth do not give up. Suddenly one day, the energy accumulated to a certain number, the flywheel slowly moving up. Once the flywheel to move, there is a potential own, then we again and again, it will be faster and faster. 

We do not feel very boring thing to do every day, do not be afraid to repeat, we are the same, are pushing the wheels. 

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