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Tough power is enormous

Tough power is enormous




Napoleon was born in Corsica decline impoverished noble family, his father sent him into an elite schools. His students are very rich, big irony of his poor. Napoleon was very angry, but do nothing, succumbed to power and influence. In this way, he endured the pain for five years. But every laugh, every insult, every attitude of contempt, have increased his determination, he vowed to do to give them a look, prove that they are indeed higher than them. 

He was secretly planned and decided to take advantage of these arrogant people do not mind, but as a bridge to fight for their own wealth and reputation. When he received the first military recruit, you must walk to the distant hair Loens to join forces. And so he went to the army, and saw his companions are using the extra time to pursue women and gambling. His poverty makes him lose a fight to the post. So, he changed his approach, with countersunk reading methods to work and compete with them. Reading is like breathing freedom, because he can not spend money to borrow books to read in the library, which enabled him to get a great harvest. He did not read the book does not make sense, nor are recreational reading to her distress, but to prepare for their future ideals. 

He is determined to let the whole world know his talent. Accordingly, he determined this as a choice of books. He lives in a small and stuffy room, where his face pale, lonely, depressed, but he kept reading. Years of hard hard, his record reading printed out there more than four hundred pages. He imagined himself as a commander in chief, Corsica will be drawing out the map clearly indicated where it should be arranged to prevent, which is mathematically precise calculated. He therefore mathematics to get a raise, making him the first opportunity to show what he can do. 

Executive saw Napoleon's knowledge is very good, he sent him to do some work at the practice field, which is required very complex computing power. He has done an excellent job, and he gained new opportunities embarked powerful way. At this time, the situation has changed everything. Formerly mocked him, now flocked to him to want to share that he gets a bonus; formerly despised him, and now wants to be his friend; formerly dig his small, useless, dead diligent, now all changed respect for him. They have become his faithful supporters. 

Tough power is enormous: it allows poor children to work hard and eventually find a way of life; so that some disabled people, but also to rely on their own hard work to create amazing miracle. Has a tough character, it will have a successful capital. 

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