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Finehope Polyurethane high-density moisture-proof kitchen mat

Finehope Polyurethane high-density moisture-proof kitchen mat


Everyone knows that green mold and white mold only grow in extremely humid and dirty environments. If the floor mat product is made of absorbent materials, in the kitchen work, vegetable washing water, fish and livestock bloody sewage is often splashed on the surface and bottom of the floor mat, and the soles of the feet may be stepped on, causing the foam structure inside the mat to squeeze to form a vacuum. Inhale sewage, so the mat will grow moldy.


Since the breeding of green mold and white mold is caused by an extremely humid environment, it is particularly important for us to choose materials that are difficult to absorb water when designing floor mats and when consumers choose floor mat products.

It can be seen that the key to controlling mold is to control humidity. You can take the following measures to prevent moisture, high humidity and moisture condensation:

1. Use clean water and detergent to clean all smooth surfaces where mold can grow, including the surface and bottom of the floor mat product.

2. Floor mats and surrounding building materials damaged by water should be cleaned and dried within 24 hours. Otherwise you should consider discarding these materials.

3. If the polyurethane foam floor mat material can absorb water, it will be infiltrated by sewage and cause mold growth and be contaminated, so it must be discarded. Because the floor mat material will absorb water and cause it to be discarded, this is equivalent to shortening the service life of the product. If the floor mat material does not absorb water and is easy to clean, this is equivalent to prolonging the service life.


Finehope Company has made every effort to launch a self-developed waterproof and moisture-proof self-skinning floor mat. It is a self-skin foaming material with a high-density polyurethane skin. The floor mat of this material is a more competitive product that the majority of floor mat purchasing companies have introduced to the market than the same industry.