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Xiamen is still looking for the most beautiful people? Here is a group of beautiful people!

Xiamen is still looking for the most beautiful people? Here is a group of beautiful people!

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(Every year there are a lot of "the most beautiful people" of the selection, they are quietly dedicated teachers, or life-saving doctors, or at the forefront of the People's Liberation Army soldiers, or … … they are in their posts on the unknown Dedication, and serve the people around in the tiger, also has such a group of people, love and dedication coexist)
September 15 morning, No. 14 Typhoon "Moranti" positive "kiss" Xiamen, a time microblogging, friends circle everywhere after the typhoon miserable scene.
Xiaobian near the park's trees are also poured a large, but also my beautiful home.

● The original beautiful park was typhoon torn into this way, really Jiaoren distressed.

● look at the sad little expression, how can we make a beautiful park into this?
So there is a beautiful message in the work group to issue.

● we register as much as to grab the train ticket, the event information has just been issued places full.
● how can we have the heart to reject everyone's enthusiasm? So we have to increase the number of places again and again to meet this group of caring juvenile.

To start work, the park staff for us to plan related work tasks, and teach you how to save these beautiful trees.

● I'm learning how to save these beautiful trees.

● Let's take a look at the enthusiasm of the staff Fahu it:



Ah … … Brother, you sure this can take it?

Even if injured, smiled and passed, leaving only the joy of sweat!

    ● Although the summer heat, but very happy!

Our garden workers told Xiao Bian:
"Working hours from 6:00 am to 21:00 pm daily"
"Tired, but met, we can only face" – this is love!

how is it? Have not been touched by these lovely Flying Tiger people?
Thank you, these lovely Tiger volunteer, sacrifice their lunch break in exchange for the warm city of a sub-beautiful.

Xiaobian appeal here, if you can, please do not begrudge your strength, for the building of a beautiful Xiamen contribution to their strength.
Flying Tiger is still a good day to continue, you are welcome to join!
Home, your blue is our greatest comfort!